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Hydraulic Cylinders

   'Preston' Offers hydraulic cylinder of various types like welded hydraulic cylinder, tie rod hydraulic cylinder etc.
Hydraulic Cylinder are made available by us in different finish options including tie rod hydraulic cylinder, welded hydraulic cylinder, multi stage hydraulic cylinder, stroke adjustment reverse hydraulic cylinder and others.
Available Models : Single Acting, Double Acting and Telescopic Type finish in standard and customized finish support.

  • Available in bore sizes from 40 mm to 200 mm with strokes up to 3000 mm
  • Also offered in bore sizes of 250 to 450 mm with strokes up to 1500 mm
  • Deliver working pressure of up to 400 bar
  • Made available in different mounting support including flange mounting (front/rear); rear clevis mounting / rod end eye / fork; foot mounting and trunnion mounting
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